2017 Current big health development situation and industry development trend analysis


21st century will be an era of great development for the great health industry. It is the largest business opportunity for great health industry as to provide people healthy lifestyle solutions.

Nowadays, medical and pharmaceutical will be the golden industry in 21st century in most of the people’s consensus. If the entire great health industry is likened as an iceberg on the sea, then the medical and pharmaceutical industry is only the tip of the iceberg, and the healthcare industry that treating preventable diseases is the huge part of iceberg that has been immersed under the sea. Famous American Economist, Paul Zane Pilzer in his book “The New Wellness Revolution” has predicted that, the U.S. annual production of healthcare products will reach one trillion U.S. dollars. Meanwhile, the scale of health industry is also growing in China.

Health is the eternal theme of mankind and an important signal of social progress. Currently, health industry has become the global hot topic and will be the “Fifth Great Prosperity” after the IT industry. At the executive meeting of the State Council, research showed that the development of health service industry has become an important topic. CCTV also focuses on the development of chronic diseases in China. Along with the continuous growth of GDP and rapid advancement of medical technology, the great health industry will be the future blue ocean.

Why great health? The said great health, embraces and takes care of people’s basic necessities, illness and death. It is not only pursuits of physical health, but also of psychological, spiritual and other aspects of health. In order to achieve great health, we have to establish the concept of great health by developing large scale health education, innovating great health technologies, and improving the large scale healthcare services. Besides, we have to change the traditional model of medical industry, in which shifting from a single rescue mode to an integrated mode of prevention and cure-support for development of large scale great health industry. In addition to enhance the medical and pharmaceutical industry that aims at medical equipment and medicine, the health management and service industry that emphasizes on health supplement, cosmetic, functional daily necessities and personalized health assessments should also be developed in a faster manner.

At the moment, development of great health industry in our country is of importance and good conditions. Develop actively the great health industry not only improve the health and life quality of people, but also help to adjust the industrial structure, thus promote the sustainable development of social and economy. Health is an essential requirement for facilitating the comprehensive development of human and an important signal of the prosperity of country and happiness of people. Without universal health, there will be no well-to-do society.

Following the release of communique of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, a new concept has entered the field of vision in black and white and falls into the daily life of people – Healthy China. On October 25, 2016, the State Council promulgated the “Health China 2030” Plan and planned the deployment of health services for the next 15 years starting from five major tasks of popularizing healthy lifestyle and optimizing health services. This is the first and highest standard planning for health industry in China. Meanwhile, it also implies the official implementation of the “Healthy China” strategy and highlights the importance and determination of the state in safeguarding national health.

In recent years, our country has done a great deal of work in raising the level of medical and hygienic services. However, existing problems have caused families return to poverty due to illness and overcrowded hospitals. Chronic diseases, geriatrics, obesity and sub-health tend to increase. In order to solve these problems, it is urgent to establish the concept and development the industry and great health.

Diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases which are known as chronic non-contagious diseases, has become one of the largest killers of human health. According to expert, these diseases are essentially caused by avoidable behavioral risk factors such as unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. In other words, these diseases can be prevented and circumvented by self-care.

Public is easily overwhelmed with health management and disease prevention. In fact, many goals are very easy to achieve, as long as we master and apply life and health sciences. “Eighty percent of heart diseases, stroke, Type II diabetes and one-third of all cancer cases can be reduced through self-care. This is not only beneficial to individuals and families, but also greatly reduce government pressure on medical expenses.”

With the continuously increasing awareness of self-care in China, numerous pharmaceutical companies have encouraged and invested in great health industry, while the great health is considered as the blue ocean.

Therefore, why the great health industry is so trending?

1. China’s economy ranks the second in the world. Any country, if its economy is underdeveloped, the healthcare industry is difficult to be developed.

2. China’s elderly population is reaching 400 million. Currently, China’s elderly population is 212 million and is predicted to reach 480 million in 2050 with an aging rate of 15.5%. The larger the number of elderly population, the higher the healthcare requirement and urgency, rendering the reasons for rapid development of health industry.

3. The death rate of chronic diseases accounted for 85% of disease mortality. Meanwhile, the burden caused by chronic diseases accounted for the 70% of all disease. In fact, chronic diseases are preventable and controllable. Most of the time, chronic diseases happen to a certain extent and become complicated and non-curable due to lack of attention and unhealthy lifestyles.

4. China nation’s literacy level will be reaching 20%. Healthy literacy implies that the ability to be healthy by knowing the selection of food, way of exercise and kind of lifestyle. The health literacy in year 2008 was 6.68% and is expected to rise to 20% by year 2020.

5. In the year of 2020, the total health industry value will be reaching 8 trillion.