Located in a small town of Malacca, Malaysia. Sky Food Garden specializes on the production and supply of various bird nest health products. Exclusive developed cryogenic sterilization, differs from high temperature sterilization at about 80°C and 100% chemical additive-free has locked the nutrition of bird nest. Vowing to become a household brand, Sky Food Garden strives to promote the products to global wide thus everyone can enjoy natural and nutritious food.

Three Principles

  • Quality Benefits

    Committed to provide customer the best quality products and services, our professional team works hard to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Innovation

    Every precise preparation step of bird nest makes it into a wide range of bird nest delicacies. After tasting test, bird nest raw material are categorized into different levels in order to ensure the purity of bird nest.

  • Enhanced Brand Competitiveness

    Everyone can have deluxe feast as we are offering affordable bird nest. Continuous development of R & D and techonology, new favours will be innovated and thus we strive to be the best.

Corperate Vision

Continuous development for broader market of healthy food to achieve international strategy across oversea markets. Keep innovating and striving to give the noble bird nest supplements to consumers whom pursuits of fashion and healthy. Furthermore, we also provide bird nest related information to customer to have better understanding of particular health benefits of bird nest. Sincerely hope that this precious health care products can be dedicated to you and your family to enjoy healthy and brilliant life!

Corperate Mission

Absolutely fresh, preservatives and food stabilizer free.

Welcome to ask us if you have any inquiry, we are happy to help.